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R-Com Pro 20 Digital Incubator

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R-Com Pro 20 Digital Incubator


The R-COM Pro 20 incubator is a great choice for the serious egg incubator.  This unit has all digital controls for humidity, temperature, and rotation of eggs including number of rotations and the speed of the interval.  With the R-COM 20 you have more freedom than most incubators to choose which controls affect your hatching environment.  Simply select your breed and the incubator will automatically adjust its settings appropriately and will continue to run even if the power source is interrupted.  A universal egg tray holding up to 20 eggs of any size allows for the ease a beginner desires with the settings of a professional’s desire. 


R-com Pro 20 description

The R-COM 20 Pro incubator is a great choice if you are serious about intubation.  The unit comes with all digital controls for humidity, temperature, and rotation interval eliminating the need for an evaporation pad.  Its large water tank allows for better humidification capacity eliminating the use of a metal stick. 


R-com Pro 20 description

  • Temperature control buttons allowing for preferred individual settings
  • Humidity control buttons allowing for preferred individual settings
  • Easy and convenient operation
  • Automatic temperature and humidity controls
  • Easy recognition with large viewing window
  • Alarm for water supplement
  • Easy locking device on main body
  • Disassembling of lower body for easy cleaning
  • Rotation setting
  • Temperature Display
  • Heater lamp LED light notification
  • Egg-turning LED light notification
  • Humidity display
  • Humidification LED light display
  • Water supplement LED light display
  • Duplicated viewing window
  • Water supplement hole
  • Temperature/Humidity sensor
  • Innovative evaporation heater
  • Egg-turning device
  • Air circulation fan
  • Heating device
  • Large water tank
  • Sensor for the opening of view-window
  • Automatic movement stop of circulation fan for safety
  • Intubation data saving function with a loss of power


R-com Pro 20 descriptionR-com Pro 20 description

  • Three kinds of egg trays according to egg size (optional)
  • Air flow fin board reducing temperature variation
  • Double-paned viewing window
  • Egg tray
  • Water cap
  • Egg turning plate


R-com Pro 20 description


Power- AC 100V-120V

Temp Limits- 68F-107.6F

Humidity Limits- 20%-70%

Power Consumption- 48 W

Weight- 4.35 Kg

Dimensions- 500 mm x 410 mm x 160 mm

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Additional Information

Manufacturer R Com
UPC Does Not Apply
Chicken Egg Capacity 20
Goose Egg Capacity 10
Quail Egg Capacity 50

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