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R-Com Mini Automatic Incubator

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R-Com Mini Automatic Incubator

Perfect Classroom Incubator

This mini incubator is fully automatic with a pre-set plug and go technology allowing for incubation of up to 3 eggs at a time.

R-Com Mini Incubator


Fully automatic pre-set plug-and-go features allow for a three egg capacity for individual egg hatching purposes. 

Hatch duck, quail, chick, pheasant, and additional bird eggs with a fully digital screen allowing quick-view features such as temperature, turning indication, water supplement, and D-day. 

R-Com Mini Description


  • Perfect start-up incubator for learners, hobbyists, or teachers
  • 37.5 degree Celsius automatic temperature control settings
  • Automatic egg turners with auto-stop two days prior to hatching
  • Warning buzzer when eggs are ready
  • Optimum conditions for incubation
  • BLDC motor for proper air circulation (providing low noise with a long life)
  • LCD screen showing all gauges and needed information
  • Large viewing window for observation of eggs and chicks
  • Countdown to hatch display
  • 3 indentations to accommodate eggs of all sizes
  • Sensor alarm to notify you if the viewing window is not sealed
  • Sensor alarm for water supply
  • Floating device to prevent water from overflowing
  • Sensor alarm for abnormal conditions
  • Temporary living space for chicks after hatching


Three Eggs


R-Com Mini Directions


  • Grooves for egg setting
  • Ventilation holes
  • Water supplement holes
  • Micro chip
  • Egg Turning Device
  • BLDC Motor for Air circulation
R-Com Mini Components
R-Com Mini Interior


Power: DC12V

Power Consumption: Max Approx. 10W

Weight: 700g

Dimensions: 260x200x110 mm

Additional Information

Manufacturer R Com
UPC Does Not Apply
Chicken Egg Capacity 3

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