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Choosing Your Incubator Accessories

The accessories that will best suit your incubator will typically be determined by the brand and style of incubator that you have. While some accessories are universal, others are very specific and will not work with other setups. 

Cabinet Incubator Accessories

Cabinet Incubator accessories are brand specific and can include items such as egg trays/holders, incubator casters, water reserve systems, clear doors, egg setting trays, and more. By purchasing accessories that are the same brand as your incubator, and listed as compatible with your incubator, you will be able to ensure a proper fit. It is important to note that models can change over time, so if you are looking for new accessories for an old incubator, it would be best for you to call and check first to make sure that the accessory is still compatible with your machine. 

Tabletop Incubator Accessories

Tabletop Incubators typically would only need the most basic of accessories. This would be an egg turner, thermometer/hygrometer, and any replacement parts such as fan upgrades or replacement wafers. We recommend always having a calibrated thermometer on hand for double checking temperatures to make sure you stay in the sweet spot. Many tabletop incubators do not come with an included hygrometer, so this is another must-have accessory. Maintaining correct humidity is crucial to a good hatch. The only items that would be brand specific would be the turner and replacement parts, the others would fall into the universal category.

Universal Accessories

While many accessories are brand and style specific, there are accessories that can be used with any incubator, such as thermometers, hygrometers, and most egg candlers (with the exception of the R-Com EZ Scope, which is only for the R-Com Mini Incubators). We recommend investing in a high quality version of each of these, as they can be used regardless of what incubator you have. 

As always, if you need assistance, please call us at (844) 900-0872. We are here to help! 

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