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1602N Hova-Bator Incubator & 1610 Quail/Chicken Egg Turner Combo by GQF

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1602N Hova-Bator Incubator & 1610 Quail/Chicken Egg Turner Combo by GQF

Quail Egg Incubation with Thermal Air Components

Radiant heat tubes warm the inside of the incubator keeping heated air flowing out of the exhaust vents while drawing in fresh air through bottom vents resulting in the drying of chicks after they hatch.  Two small windows allow for viewing of the hatch process.  Proven technology allows you to incubate Quail and Chicken eggs at the same time providing mixed consistent hatching results.


The radiant heat tube gently warms the inside of the incubator, air, and assisting in the drying of the chicks after they hatch. The wafer thermostat is proven, accurate technology that produces great hatch results. During incubation, eggs must be turned several times a day to prevent the yolk from settling to one side and to exercise the embryo. The addition of the Quail/Chicken turner means that you can incubate chickens and quail at the same time, or fill your incubator with either kind while saving yourself time in the process. 


  • Automatic egg turners
  • Dual egg functions
  • Double viewing window
  • Easy maintenance and set-up
  • Thick, sturdy walls
  • Versatile, proven thermostat


  • 42 Medium Sized Eggs (Partridge, Duck, Chicken)
  • 120 Quail Eggs


  • Thermal Air Flow 1602 Incubator with sanitary liner
  • 1610 Chicken and Quail Egg Turner (includes turner base and 1 set of 6 Chicken/Universal turning racks, and 1 set of 6 Quail egg turning racks)


  • Incubator Dimensions: 18” x 18” x 9 1 /2”, 110 Volt AC. 25 Watt Heat Element (220 Volt available for export).
  • Turner Dimensions:  15'' x 15'' x 3'', 110 Volt AC (220 Volt available for export)

Additional Information

Manufacturer GQF Manufacturing
UPC Does Not Apply
Chicken Egg Capacity 42
Quail Egg Capacity 120

Customer Reviews

Easy! Review by Quinn Moffitt
This incubator and egg turner is a great combo! I like to do a lot of different incubation projects, and it is so easy to move from one to the other with this incubator. The racks are very easy to change for the different brands, and the super simple controls make it hard to screw things up, which is great for me! Love it! (Posted on 7/20/2015)

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