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1610 Hova-Bator Egg Turner with Chicken & Quail Egg Racks by GQF

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1610 Hova-Bator Egg Turner with Chicken & Quail Egg Racks by GQF

Chicken/Quail Egg Turning Component

Free time and eliminate egg handling by investing in this automatic egg turner.  Purchase of this product will assure accurate egg turning several times a day for the full 19 day period during your hatch process.  Item can be used with all Hova-Bator models. 


  • Automatic egg turning saves time and improves hatch rates
  • Can be used with all Hova-Bator models


  • 1610 Hova-Bator Universal Egg turner
  • Turning base
  • 6 universal egg racks
  • 6 quail egg racks
  • Egg turner motor


  • 42 medium sized eggs (Partridge, Chicken, Duck, or similar)
  • 130 Quail eggs


  • 15'' x 15'' x 3''
  • 110 Volt AC

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Manufacturer GQF Manufacturing
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Customer Reviews

best turner Review by Kenny
This turner just does what it is supposed to do and is a great buy. This is a better bargain that buying the chicken turner and adding the quail racks, so if you think you might ever incubate smaller eggs, I would say to definitely go with this one so you will already have the racks for it. Easy to use. (Posted on 7/14/2015)
Must Have! Review by chickenchick
For anyone incubating eggs in any type of quantity, an egg turner is a must have! I spent years hand turning eggs (and sometimes forgetting to hand turn eggs) and I have gotten much better hatch rates since I invested in this egg turner. I use mine with a 1588 digital hovabator, and am now hatching virtually all of the fertile eggs that go into my incubator, instead of the about 75% I was getting before. Fantastic purchase, will never go back to hand turning! (Posted on 7/13/2015)

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