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Which Hatcher is Right for Me?

A hatcher is typically used during the last few days of the incubation process. This is when you stop turning your eggs, bump up your humidity, and your eggs begin to pip. There are many options for hatching your eggs, and choosing the correct one for you can be challenging. 

Some people choose to hatch directly in their incubator by removing or disabling egg turners. If you set all of your eggs at the same time, than this is often the easiest and most obvious solution, and for many small breeders, the best one. 

However, what if you are hatching a large number of eggs, or aren't able to set your eggs at the same time? Then you may be in need of a hatcher!

Selecting Your Hatcher

Choosing a hatcher is based mainly on how many eggs you want to hatch at one time, and the level of control you desire over your hatching. Many breeders who are incubating in smaller numbers, yet set their eggs on different days, can get all of the advantages of a stand alone hatcher simply by purchasing a second table top incubator. These are typically intended to work throughout the entire incubation process, so they are designed for hatching as well. Since you won't need egg turners for your hatcher, this is a great low-cost alternative for the occassional breeder.

Other larger scale breeders may get the best value by purchasing a dedicated hatching unit, such as those offered by GQF and Brinsea. This will greatly increase the production of your cabinet incubators over using the integrated hatching tray many of them provide. Using the integrated tray you are only able to hatch a third of the incubators contents at one time. By having a separate hatcher, you are able to hatch the entire contents of your incubator at once, tripling your capacity by purchasing only one additional machine. 

When looking to grow your poultry business, adding a dedicated hatcher to your process can be the fastest and least expensive way to quickly increase your output. If you would like to discuss the differences between the hatchers that we have to offer, we would be more than happy to help. Just give us a call!

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