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1202E Sportsman Classic Cabinet Incubator by GQF

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1202E Sportsman Classic Cabinet Incubator by GQF

Cabinet Incubator Value Option

This is the perfect cabinet incubator for a large breeder on a budget! An all-in-one unit, this incubator will get you all the way from egg setting to hatching, with no need for an additional hatcher! By setting one rack of eggs each week, you will have an easy rotation in no time, that will allow you to have continuous hatching! It comes with a full instruction manual to help you not only get set-up, but also give you tips for how to maintain your unit and how to have a successful hatch, as well as troubleshooting if needed.

The 1202E Classic Sportsman is a great option for those who want the capacity of a cabinet incubator, but do not need digital controls. This unit uses the same high strength plastic board as the popular 1502 model, making it better insulated, quieter, and easier to clean. Instead of the digital controls in the 1502, this unit features a rugged dial thermometer/hygrometer and a new multi-turn analog electronic thermostat system. However, it does still include automatic, mechanically timed egg turning to save you time and increase your hatch rates. 

Like the 1502 the 1202E has 3 turning racks, bottom hatching tray, and moisture pan. It is also compatible with all GQF MFG cabinet incubator accessories such as the acrylic door, casters, and water reserve system. You will also want to add your choice of plastic egg trays to your order. They come in sets of 6, which is enough to fill the entire incubator (2 per shelf). When you fill all the trays with eggs, you capacity is 270 chicken eggs,1368 Quail Eggs (set and hatch 250 per week) or 216 larger eggs, such as duck, etc. 270 chicken eggs,1368 Quail Eggs (set and hatch 250 per week) or 216 larger eggs, such as duck, etc.

This unit is shipped fully assembled, and ready for your first hatch. Plastic Egg trays shown in image are not included, unless added to your order.


Set the eggs each week or so and then hatch the oldest setting eggs at the same time. Settings are rotated among the three turning trays so that the hatching tray can accept the eggs from one of the setting trays each cycle. For maximum production capacity up to three #1202 incubators can be paired with one #1550 hatcher.


Total Capacity with plastic trays: 270 chicken eggs,1368 Quail Eggs (set and hatch 250 per week) or 216 larger eggs, such as duck, etc. Each turning rack holds approximately 496 Quail Eggs, or 118 Chukar or Pheasant, or 90 small Chicken Eggs, or 40 Goose Eggs (not over 33/4” overall height), or 60 Duck Eggs.


1- #1202E Classic Sportsman Cabinet Incubator with Hatcher

Includes: Analog Electronic Thermostat System-3 turning racks & 1 plastic hatching tray (no cover) - 1 moisture pan with 2 wick pads - Instruction booklet


  • High Capacity allows you to quickly grow your operation.
  • Included Hatcher makes continuous hatching cycle possible.
  • Easy to use, perfect for beginners and experts!
  • Less Expensive than full digital models with many of the same features!
  • Accepts all GQF MFG Cabinet Incubator Accessories!

30 1/4” Front to Back, 15 3/4” Wide, 31 3/4” High. 110-120VAC, 50/60 Hz, 325 Watts. TUV Listed.

Weight: 90 lbs.

Additional Information

Manufacturer GQF Manufacturing
UPC Does Not Apply
Chicken Egg Capacity 270
Goose Egg Capacity 216
Quail Egg Capacity 1368

Customer Reviews

simple Review by kevin
This incubator is very simple to setup and use. The temperature control is easy to understand and manipulate. As an engineer, there are always a few things I would change, but overall this machine is well made and efficient. Quality workmanship, great incubator. (Posted on 7/16/2015)
Spacious, Easy to Use Review by Sam Perkins
This incubator has room to spare. I rented out part of my incubator for my neighbor's chicks, and had plenty of room for my own as well. Could be a great option for a community garden/habitat. Very sturdy, simple to use, and overall awesome! (Posted on 7/7/2015)

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