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3030 Water Reserve System for Cabinet Incubators by GQF

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3030 Water Reserve System for Cabinet Incubators by GQF

Add this great time saver to your process by allowing a larger water reserve to maintain your incubation humidity levels for longer periods of time.  Since the reserve sits outside the unit you can re-fill it without interrupting your incubation settings.  Maintain consistent temperatures and keep humidity settings at a constant with this great addition.


  • Fits all GQF MFG Cabinet Incubators
  • Self-leveling humidity pan
  • Quick disconnect coupling makes for easy re-fill
  • Maintain stable incubating environments by not having to open the door


  • 5 gallon reserve tank
  • Connecting hose
  • Quick disconnect coupling and constant level humidity pan
  • 2 humidity pads

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Manufacturer GQF Manufacturing
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Customer Reviews

Time Saver Review by V. Tisdale
I agree with chirpybird! This has been a real time saver and stress reducer for me. Knowing that I have plenty of water loaded and ready makes it much easier for me to enjoy the time that I spend away from my babies. This is a great addition to the cabinet incubators. (Posted on 7/16/2015)
Great with 1502 Review by chirpybird
I use this with my 1502 cabinet incubator by GQF and am pleased to find that it will keep my water tray filled through an entire incubation cycle. Just a tip though- it won't look like it is filling the tray up all the way, and that is fine. It is about surface area, not depth of the water, so as long as it has enough surface area, it will maintain your humidity. I had questions about this, and this is what the manufacturer told me, and I have found it to be true. Very happy with this product! (Posted on 7/13/2015)

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