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Understanding Brooders

Brooders are used to keep chicks warm after they have hatched until they are ready to join the flock. The time spent in the brooder can vary by species and weather conditions. There are two main styles of brooders- all in one units, and freestanding units.

All in One Brooders

These brooders have all of the elements required for proper brooding contained within them. This is typically an enclosure with a built in heat source and controls. This type of unit can be ideal for intensive care (like the TLC series by Brinsea), or production style breeding (like the universal box brooder by GQF MFG). These are typically more expensive, and are really only necessary with either rare or fragile birds, or when producing a large, commercial quantity of chicks. 

Freestanding Brooders

This is the most common style of brooder and typically consists of two elements- the heating component and the enclosure. The heating component may be a bulb style heater, or a radiant heater. Both are commonly used, and are really just a matter of preference. Some also feature attraction bulbs, which are colored bulbs that can help the chicks find the heat source. Whatever type of heat source you use, make sure that your enclosure is large enough to provide your chicks with an opportunity to move away from the heat as they desire, but not so large that the heat source is hard for them to find.  It will also need to have sides tall enough to keep your chicks from escaping. Brinsea offers both enclosure panels and radiant heaters that can be used in conjunction for brooding. These are easy to store and assemble, making them a popular choice for many hobby breeders.

If you need help deciding which Brooder is right for you, please call us at (844) 900-0872 for assistance.

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