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Wet Bulb Thermometer by Brinsea

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Wet Bulb Thermometer by Brinsea

Humidity Readouts Simplified

The wet bulb approach is preferred by many breeders for measuring relative humidity with a low cost involved.  Specifically designed for use with the Octagon 20DX or 40DX models, this thermometer comes with a conversion chart showing relative humidity. 


  • Accurate, low cost method of measuring relative humidity
  • Specifically designed for the Octagon 20DX and 40DX
  • Not comparable with the Octagon 20 Advance
  • Highly recommended


  • Brinsea Web Bulb Thermometer with Conversion Chart and Instructions


How a Wet Bulb Thermometer Works:

Wet Bulb Thermometers are used for measuring the relative humidity inside your incubator, and are typically considered to have a much higher accuracy than a digital hygrometer. 

They are used in conjunction with dry bulb (standard thermometer). This is important because you will be comparing both readouts.

First, you will take readings from both the wet and dry bulb thermometer. 

You will then use a conversion chart to find out where the two readings intersect. 

This will give you a third number which represents your relative humidity. 

If your humidity is higher than you would like for it to be, you can open vents if your incubator has them. 

If it does not, you will want to adjust your water levels by either adding less water or reducing the surface area of the water you have added. 

If your humidity is too low, you can close your vents, add more water, or increase the surface area of your water by putting it in a larger mouthed container.

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extremely accurate Review by Will C.
Many people prefer a digital hygrometer, but this is really the way to go! If you want TRUE accuracy, nothing can compare with the wet bulb readings. It is a little more challenging than a digital readout, but worth it if precise results are what you are after. (Posted on 7/22/2015)

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