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Incubators for Chicken, Reptile, & Bird Eggs

From backyard hobbyists to commercial breeders, incubators are the core of the breeding industry. There is no better way to control incubation and optimize your hatch rates than by using a quality incubator intended for your size of operation and for your specific breed needs. There are so many different brands, sizes, and combination of features to choose from that can make selection overwhelming. That is why we offer consultation to any breeder who needs it. We want you to get the setup that best suits your needs. Here is a basic overview of what our consultation is like, however, you are always welcome to call us at (844) 900-0872 to address your specific breeding needs, or with questions about any of the products we offer. We are committed to finding the best egg incubator for you!

What type of eggs are you incubating, and what is the maximum number you plan to incubate at one time?

These are the first questions we typically ask because they give us the most information about what your needs are. The egg type will tell us two pieces of information- the size of the egg and the rarity of the breed. Some incubators are not ideal for breeding very large eggs, such as ostrich or emu. Rare breeds require more control, and will determine what features you need. Your planned volume will help to determine how large an incubator you need- cabinet or tabletop. Typically, 50 chicken eggs or less would fall into a tabletop model, while 50-100 could be cabinet or 2 tabletops, and 100+ would typically be a cabinet model. Here are some of our most popular combinations of needs and recommended products for those needs to get you started.

Poultry Eggs, Less Than 50

For a smaller number of chicken eggs, we recommend a tabletop model incubator. Our recommended incubator for this is the ReptiPro 6000. It is a stylish, molded plastic model that is both affordable and attractive. It will work for pretty much any type of egg, bird or reptile, large or small. This versatility allows the hobby breeder to easily switch between breeding projects. It also offers great humidity stability, as well as digital temperature controls. Without egg turners, it will hold about 50 chicken eggs, and can hold up to 32 with egg turners.

Chicken/Quail Eggs, High Volume

If you are hatching about 250 chicken eggs or 1250 quail eggs per month, the we recommend the GQF MFG 1502 or 1202E cabinet incubators. Both of these incubators come with 3 automatically turning shelves and an integrated hatching tray. They are by far the most popular model, made here in the US, and have a 1 year warranty included. The main difference between the two incubators is that while the 1202E has a manual temperature control, the 1502 comes with the new digital command center. Either one will do the job, it just depends on the features you like. If you are hatching more than this, we would recommend an incubation system with separate hatcher. GQF has a great setup for this, allowing up to 3 of their cabinet incubators to be used in rotation with 1 GQF MFG Digital Hatcher.

Rare/Sensitive Bird Eggs, Small Quantity

For these types of eggs, we recommend a small incubator with a lot of control and features, such as the Brinsea Mini Advance or Brinsea Mini Advance EX. These take up a very small amount of space, yet offer a great deal of control including a digital command center, automatic turning, and the EX model even comes with a humidity management module. Brinsea also offers a 2 year warranty, which is a great bonus.

Large Eggs, Any Quantity

Off the shelf, there are very few incubators that can accommodate large eggs like Ostrich or Emu. The ReptiPro 6000 is a great choice because it allows you to incubate a good number of these types of eggs without taking up a whole lot of space. In one of these incubators, you can set about 2-4 Ostrich eggs or 6-8 Emu eggs, simply adding more incubators if you need more capacity. We have found it is the most economical way to incubate these large eggs effectively.

Need Help Selecting the Best Egg Incubator For You?

If you have unique needs, or questions about which incubator is right for you, please contact us at (844) 900-0872. We are always happy to help.

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